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Smart tips for those who want to repair electric gates with ease. Find out the little secrets!

Lubricate tracks and wheels

When you keep the tracks and wheels of the rolling gate well lubricated, you can be sure of its smooth sliding. The movement of the gate will be noiseless, the parts will last longer and they'll withstand better the weather conditions according to us.

Troubleshooting gates is important

Troubleshooting is the best way to solve problems. It is actually the process of inspecting the entire system of the automatic roll up, for example, in order to see if there is something wrong with it and proceed with the required repair service to stop the problem from expanding.

Ensure proper hinge installation

After a new gate installation, you have to make sure that all parts are working as expected. The hinges, in particular, should be properly installed. You certainly would not want a premature gate hinge repair. Repeatedly open and close your gate to observe any problem or defect. If there is unnecessary noise or a balance issue, ask your gate contractor to rectify it.

Have a solid latch installed on your gate

Latches are a key component of keeping the door secure against intruders. Having a solid latch means having solid and proper access control. Our experts at Gate Repair New York generally use latches that are made of a heavier material such as steel, wrought iron or brass. These materials are weather resistant, durable, heavy, and will last for a long time.

Disconnect the opener before gate maintenance

This is important for ensuring safety. If the opener can run the gate, someone may accidently start it while you are in the unit’s path. If the safety sensors work properly, the risk of injury is minimal, but there is no reason why you should take it, especially given the fact the maintenance should involve cleaning and aligning the sensors.

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