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The frequently asked questions on gate repair and door maintenance get great answers here

What's the difference among roll up and rolling gates?

Their difference lies on the way they move according to our staff. The rollup will move upwards and the curtain will roll at the upper door part while rolling gates will slide at the side part of the property.

Should I get electric openers?

Having manual roll up or rolling gates is not very convenient and doesn't add to your security. Electric openers will literally bring a great change in your life, will make entrance easier and faster, and you will have many choices among features and types of motors.

Can anybody break in using my automatic gate system?

The gate remote systems usually installed by our experts use rolling random codes instead of fixed frequencies. Fixed codes and frequencies mean there's a risk of someone copying the code and using it for unauthorized entry. Rolling codes mean that after a specific code is used, it changes and uses a different random code.

What are bottom swing arm operators?

The opposite of top swing arm operators, bottom swing arm operators are considered as the aesthetically better option. This is because their arms are being concealed when they are attached to the gate. Their electronic components are typically easy to access. Unfortunately, only few companies produce this type of gate opener at present.

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